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Mary Arden, Shakespeare's mother, lived in this beautiful half-timbered Tudor farmhouse (left). The house dovecote once contained more that 1,000 doves.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 at the house in Henley Street, which has been called the 'most honoured monument of the world's greatest genius'. 

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The Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, was where Shakespeare worshipped and where he lies buried. Anne Hathaway's cottage is at Shottery, a mile from Stratford, is where she was born in 1556, and lived until her marriage to Shakespeare in 1582.  

Hall's Croft, Stratford, was the home of Shakespeare's successful son-in-law, Dr John Hall, and his wife, who was William Shakespeare's first daughter, who he named, Susanna. The garden of New Place is also worth a visit. This is the house which Shakespeare bought in 1597, with Nash's House adjoining.

Nearby Warwick Castle is also a must for visitors to Stratford-upon-Avon.

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