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Oxford's most famous building is the Ashmolean Museum. The magnificent structure, completed in 1845, houses the oldest museum in Britain. Founded by Elias Ashmole in 1683, the museum is regarded as one of the greatest in the world, housing a library that boasts a copy of every printed book.  

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The Old Parsonage building is a much loved landmark of the city, and has played its part in the history of Oxford. The site on which the Old Parsonage stands dates back to 1308 when the university colleges were first being established.

Brasenose College. The 'Brazen Nose' now hangs in the Hall over the High Table. The University Church of St Mary the virgin, whose spire can be seen in the background, was formerly used as a library, treasury, meeting place and courthouse.  

Magdalen College. The Grove; deer have roamed here since about 1700. In the background is the 18th - century New Building. Also of note are Balliol and All Souls Colleges, whilst Oxford castle demands a visit.

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