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Canterbury Cathedral, is world famous for its associations with Thomas Beckett, whose murder at the orders of the King Henry II in 1170 led to the cathedral becoming a place of pilgrimage for Christians worldwide. This pilgrimage provided the theme for Chaucer’s 14th-century literary classic ’The Canterbury Tales’. 

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For centuries the centre of the city's life, Canterbury Cathedral is a treasure house of architectural skills from Norman times onwards and contains a magnificent collection of stained glass of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Conquest House in Palace Street is where the Knights who murdered Becket are reputed to have stayed there the previous night. Nearby are the Weavers' Houses which were lived in by Flemish and Huguenot weavers who came in the 16th century as religious refugees.

St. Peter's Church in St. Peter's Street, may be of Saxon origin. It is a good example of a medieval church and contains an ancient Piscina and Easter Sepuluchre, a fine old Font and Royal Arms dated 1704.  

The face of the Christ Church Gate building was restored in 1932 and turrets, removed in 19th century so that the owner of the Canterbury bank could see the cathedral clock, were reinstated. 

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