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Chester's famous Victorian Eastgate clock, which ranks alongside Big Ben as one of Britain's most famous timepieces. Erected in 1898, it was commisioned to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  

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God's Providence House, a highly ornate building situated in Watergate Street, was the only house left untouched by the plague in the 17th century. Many of Chester's antique dealers have their showrooms and galleries in this street.  

The Pied Bull in Northgate Street is one of Chester's oldest inns. It was the residence of the Recorder in 1553 and, for the most part, dates from that time. In 1664 it was rebuilt in brick and the frontage over the pavement was added in the 18th century. The Town Hall contains the magnificent central tower and clock which commemorates Chester's 1900th anniversary.

The North West also demands visits to Manchester and Liverpool - two of Britain's most important cities, and the scenic counties of Cheshire and Lancashire - there is much to see and explore.

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